World leader in coated glass

In the building and automotive industry, glazed surfaces no longer serve simply to allow natural light in and occupants to see out: their performance continues to develop by incorporating major innovations in thin coating deposit technology. The worldwide leader for coated glass, Saint-Gobain adds functions, such as enhanced insulation and solar control, as well as anti-reflection, self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties to its glass products. The advantages of using them are significant in terms of energy and comfort.

Innovation and Energy efficiency?

Coated glass, a high-technology product?

High Energy Efficient double- and triple-glazing, used in new builds and renovation projects (windows, French windows, verandas, loggias and fa?ades), have a surface property that reduces radiation exchanges and so improves the thermal transmission coefficient of double-glazing. This invisible thermal shield retains heat inside the building and improves solar gain.?

Optimum energy efficiency?

The insulation capacity of this double- and triple-glazing can be up to nine times greater than single glazing. The impact on the beating bill is immediate and easy to calculate using the sgg GLASS COMPASS?app.?

sgg CLIMATOP MAX combines the thermal insulation properties of the best triple-glazing with its high solar factors, with the best low-emissivity double-glazing.

?How does thermal insulation glazing work? (in French only)

Saint-Gobain solar-control glazing prevents excessive heat build-up in buildings in summer by blocking up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat – products with the highest performance – while still allowing natural daylight through.?

Solar gain can be dynamically controlled using SageGlass? glass that tints electronically on command or automatically to protect occupants from the sun’s heat and glare while maintaining the view to the outside. The technology involves depositing “active” thin coatings and then varying the optical absorption of these coatings by applying an electrical current. The aim is to reduce the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting, while at the same time providing aesthetic comfort.

How does solar control glazing work? (in French only)

Comfort and well-being?

In buildings?

In addition to these energy and climatic aspects, Saint-Gobain coated glass helps improve living spaces and day-to-day comfort.?

sgg BIOCLEAN self-cleaning glass reduces the frequency with which glass has to be cleaned and makes the job easier. Clear glass on which is deposited a transparent coating of a photocatalytic and hydrophilic mineral material, it uses the combined effect of the sun’s UV rays and rain to wash away dirt. It maintains good visibility to the outside even when it is raining, and the risk of condensation on the external surface of the glazing is almost entirely eliminated.?

sgg BIOCLEAN makes cleaning glass easier in all environments (city, country, seaside and highly polluted areas).

How does self-cleaning glass work ? (in French only)

In transportation?

High-technology coated glass is also used for windshields to improve thermal comfort inside vehicles.

The sgs ClimaCoat all-weather coated windshield designed by Saint-Gobain Sekurit?has two functions: heated in winter, it rapidly defogs and deices; reflective in summer, it reflects heat (infrared rays). This windshield helps drivers save fuel by improving their comfort.?

The hydrophobic and defogging properties of windshields also improve the safety and visual comfort of vehicle occupants.