Shop on your doorstep


As people on lockdown at home can no longer shop at an outlet, outlets are coming to them. With its new “Telhanorte Ja! At your door” service, the Brazilian home improvement products and services brand has created small self-service outlets in the street.

Telhanorte and Tumelero, the Brazilian home improvement products and services brands, have developed a range of solutions for their customers in lockdown at home. After placing an order on the website or WhatsApp, customers can load their order at the drive-thru lane at sales outlets directly into their car. Seniors have access to a reserved area in the stores to keep the risk of contamination to a minimum or, like health care professionals, can make use of the free delivery service.

The brand has above all developed temporary sales outlets with building managers or in the street: “Telhanorte Já! At your door.” A truck carrying a wide range of cleaning and repair products parks near customers’ homes after having notified them by email, sets up a safety cordon and lays out its products. Customers can come and buy a few things they need and then walk back home.

These services are helping Telhanorte and Tumelero maintain contact with their customers, especially the most vulnerable, and help maintain comfort and wellbeing in the home.