2050: 10 billion inhabitants, 70% urban dwellers and a commitment by Saint-Gobain to reach carbon neutrality. Does that seem far away to you? Yet it is so close. Because to meet these challenges, we need to start preparing today to offer sustainable materials and solutions for everyone's well-being and for the future of the planet. So let's explore 2050 together.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape Design by 2050

From www.archdaily.com - Tue, 12/05/2020 - 17:58
By 2050, the effects of AI adoption will be widely felt across all aspects of our daily lives.

This is what the future’s sustainable cities could look like by 2050

From www.nationalgeographic.com - Wed, 12/02/2020 - 14:50

By #2050 the world’s population is expected to reach 9.8 billion. Nearly 70 percent of this booming population—6.7 billion people— is projected to live in urban areas. National Geographic asked experts at the architectural and urban planning firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) how they would design a city of the future, educated by lessons of the past and anticipating challenges of the #future.?

5 Futuristic Smart Cities to Keep An Eye on Through the 2020s

From www.digitaltrends.com - Mon, 27/01/2020 - 09:24
Whether it's embedded sensors or autonomous robots, cities are going to get a whole lot smarter in the 2020s. But some super ambitious developments are leading the way by building whole new city developments built around the latest tech. Here are 5 such projects to keep an eye on.

Towards the smart cities of 2025

From www.smartcitiesworld.net - Tue, 14/01/2020 - 17:50
From tech trends to behavioural shifts and new ways to make smart cities economically sustainable, Matthew James Bailey explores what the next five years could look like.
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