Work on her new bathroom has just finished when Isabelle welcomes us inside her new home, which she could not have imagined more beautiful. She is delighted to show us the result.


Isabelle is clearly at ease in her new Parisian pad withits soft lighting, and woolen carpets providing a pretty contrastto the polished wooden furniture she has made herself. Right?from the first time she visited it, this young woman who has?been sharing on a blog her passion for interior decoration for?the past four years, was won over by the neighborhood, building?and residents’ association. She loved everything about it. Or?almost. There was just one thing that marred this almost too?perfect picture: the virtually non-existent bathroom was just an?old tub abandoned in one corner of a five square meter room.?“It needed a complete makeover, to make the apartment my?own,” says Isabelle.

To begin the project,” recalls the blogger, “I started by looking for ideas.? In showrooms and on the Internet, I searched everywhere and looked at all styles. From extremely?classical to ultramodern, and the very fashionable vintage look?for industrial bathrooms with unconcealed pipes. The important?thing for me was to find something that reflected who I am.”?Along the way, Isabelle came across the new website with its offer of working with homeowners at each stage?in their project on how to install and decorate each room in their?home depending on the surface area. “I imagined my bathroom.”adds Isabelle, “as being quite intimate with a sort of contemporary?zen look. Both practical and comfortable. With a walk-in shower?and bath tub where I could relax in the evening after work.”

To find something that?reflected who I am.

But between the choice of wall and floor coverings, furnishings, tap ware, lighting and the technical requirements of this type of room, our blogger preferred to put her trust in professionals. Thanks first to the Mon Ma?tre Carré service,?she was able to gain access to interior decorators’ suggestions.?“I was sent 3D projections, quotations and advice about what?to buy, all of which helped me finalize the concept for my new?bathroom while keeping it within budget.” The next step was?to get the work done.

Isabelle selected the trade professionals to do the work?on the Homly You website?that puts homeowners and?professionals into contact with each other. And after one week’s?work, Isabelle could hardly have imagined a more satisfactory?outcome. A healthy attractive and functional bathroom, that she is proud to show off. “To match the parquet, the walls have?been covered with large-sized gray tiles in order to give the?room more depth. I went for a fairly minimalist design for the?tap ware. Black with rounded forms, they add a real sense of?elegance to the finished room. Lighting is soft, giving a cozy?atmosphere. I even found enough room to install both a shower?and a bath tub.”

You can see this new bathroom on Isabelle’s blog, among her other favorite pieces, collectors’ items and personal creations. “The reason why I shared my experience,” she adds,?“was above all to inspire others with confidence when they feel?worried about undertaking renovation work. And also to let?them know that you can make life a lot easier by surrounding?yourself with good support.




The app developed by the American start-up Hover, a partner with CertainTeed’s teams in the United States, converts smartphone photographs into customizable 3D models, simplifying renovation work. In Germany, the Plan-Bar, currently being rolled out in Raab Karcher’s sales outlets, provides professionals and homeowners with a 3D simulation of their project in just a few clicks, together with a cost estimate. It has almost 3,200 ceramic tile references in its memory, along with a selection of bathroom fixtures, doors and windows.
There is nothing better than a brick-and-mortar store to see, touch and imagine before making a decision. In France, Saint-Gobain is launching a new brand called “Envie de salle de bain”. In Germany, Keramundo has opened its first ceramic tile studio with an innovative purchasing experience combining physical products and digital imagery. The concept makes it possible to select different shapes and colors, match them on mobile collage tables and view them in situ. In Brazil, virtual-reality headsets available in the Telhanorte outlet in S?o Paulo immerse customers into their future décor, from flooring to lighting.
Saint-Gobain is making it easier for homeowners to get in touch with a carefully selected group of professionals on its websites. In France, this service is called “Homly You”. In the United States, it was developed with the start-up Sweeten. In addition to putting homeowners into contact with qualified craftsmen, the sites provide support at each step in the renovation project, establish standards for the professionals and even makeregular site visits to check progress. These simple, free services are reinforcing trust in the building industry. And in Brazil, for homeowners who want to carry out the work themselves, the six episodes of Telhanorte’s web series on Facebook guides them through construction and renovation projects from selection to installation, from floor to ceiling.


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